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Falling in debt can leave you feeling full of despair. It can seem like an impossible situation from which you see no way out. However, fortunately, there are plenty of good debt settlement companies out there that can help you. If you are struggling with credit card debt due to inappropriate usage such as overspending past your means and cannot pay your bills, you need help from such a company. Oak View Law Group is among these organizations.

Although it is a law firm, Oak View Law Group has a stellar reputation when it comes to debt settlement, credit card consolidation and other financial services tailored to reduce your debt. The firm is based in California and has been offering a number of financial management services since 2007. One of the best aspects of the firm is that it allows your fee for its services to be an amount of your settled amount. This ensures that you pay the least money for its credit card consolidation services. However, on the flip side, when you choose Oak View Law Group to help you with your financial burden, you are required to pay a monthly fee of $50 for consultations until you pay regular fees based on performance.

Overall, the firm does offer good credit card consolidation services and other debt settlement services. However, it should be taken into account that the monthly consultancy fee can be a burden to many consumers. As a result, your time spent receiving the credit card consolidation services with Oak View Law Group can potentially take years to settle.

In addition, Oak View Law Group is not a debt settlement company. It is actually more of a debt negotiation company that offers plenty of similar financial services. You must also have at least $10,000 of eligible debt to qualify for its services. Debt can fall under the category of credit, credit cards, medical bills and various other debts.

After Oak View Law Group reaches a settlement with your creditors toward an amount you will pay back, you can expect a fee of 25 percent. On average, your credit card debt will be reduced by around 33 percent after fees.

The monthly fee for consultancy is generally not considered to be an advance settlement fee as such a charge is considered illegal. Instead, it is viewed as an upfront cost. This fee is required to be paid until your settlement is reached with your creditors and you begin to pay back your debt.

On average, the amount of time that a credit card consolidation program ranges can be anywhere from as little as six months to as much as 48 months.

Although Oak View Law Group lacks national or international debt settlement accreditations, it is registered with the State Bar of California. Additionally, the firm has an IAPDA certified professional debt arbitrator. You can also receive a free initial consultation to determine whether you are eligible for the company’s services.

Overall, there are better companies out there to look toward if you are in need of credit card consolidation or other debt settlement services. On average, 84 percent of clients claim they are satisfied with Oak View Law Group’s services, but you might want to compare its services with those of other companies before choosing to enlist it for help.