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Each year, millions of Americans deal with the problem of credit card debt. This is a stressful situation that can seem almost hopeless, but there are solutions available out there in the form of credit card consolidation services. Such services are available from a number of debt consolidation companies. One of the best is New Era Debt Solutions, which has a solid reputation. If you are battling credit card debt and regularly receive harassing phone calls from collection agencies, you might want to consider New Era to help you.

New Era Debt Solutions was established in 1999 in Camarillo, California and has helped many people to reduce and even settle their debt. To date, the company has settled an impressive more than $200,000,000 in debt for its clients. New Era charges low fees and gets its clients an average of 37 percent debt reduction, one of the best deals available in the industry. Unfortunately, it is not accredited by the AFCC or USOBA. Still, the company has an excellent reputation and is one of the most trusted in the industry for debt solutions and credit card consolidation services. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and boasts an A+ rating.

One of the best things about New Era is that over the years, it has expanded its services to a total of 42 states. It is a solid option for all of your needs when you are struggling with credit card debt and want to go the route of credit card consolidation. The company’s official website clearly outlines its policies and the various debt consolidation programs it offers to clients. The company believes that transparency is key, which is the major reason why it has such a solid reputation and has developed a sense of trust with its clients. New Era Debt Solutions has also received awards for its low rates and excellent services.

When you decide to use New Era Debt Solutions, you should bring all of your financial and credit card documents so that the representative who helps you can get an idea of your situation. The representative will then contact your creditors to negotiate a lower rate for your credit card debt. They may create a debt management plan based on your finances. This document is usually approved by creditors so that they can be paid back what you owe. Many of the services offered by New Era are spread out over 36 to 48 months, which makes it easier for you to pay off. By contrast, you should avoid other companies that promise to deliver credit card consolidation services in a much shorter period of time.

New Era Debt Solutions is unique because it is the only company of its ilk that doesn’t have a minimum amount of debt requirement. It will accept any client who is in debt, whether they only owe $5,000 or if they owe $50,000.

Overall, New Era is a solid choice of a debt solutions company when you are dealing with the stress of credit card debt. Be sure to explore all the information on the company’s website as well at